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Best Practices for Using & Handling Squeegees

A Squeegee is a necessary tool for the application of self-adhesive products. Eco Signage Supplies offers a wide variety of Squeegees for different substrates, products and applications. 

In this guide, we will go through the basics of handling squeegees and the main types for your sign application needs. 

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Handling A Squeegee

How you hold the Squeegee is equally important to how you use it. Holding it incorrectly and using insufficient pressure can result in bubbles, wrinkles, and creases developing on your Vinyl or substrate. 

When using a squeegee, you need to hold it at a 30° angle whilst ensuring that it moves firmly in a straight line across your vinyl. Avoid holding it at a perpendicular angle.

After you are done applying the graphic be sure to re-squeegee it as well.

The Different Types of Squeeges:

Plastic Squeegees

These are made of high-quality materials such as polypropylene and are used for pressure-sensitive applications, such as film, signs and vinyl. The firm, sharp, slippery edge of a Plastic squeegee forces the vinyl into place by dispersing the tension in the vinyl and firmly setting the adhesive.

A Plastic Squeegee is best for when you need firm pressure.

Felt Squeegees

Felt squeegees are flexible and are perfect for use on curved substrates or recessed areas, as they are excellent in eliminating creases and wrinkles. They adapt perfectly to irregular surfaces. 

Use the Felt Squeege to conform to curves and eliminate wrinkles.

In addition, you also have the Plastic Felt Edge Squeegee that’s commonly used for large surfaces. It is ideal for applications that make a wrap on the surface and can be used in dry or wet conditions. This is why you find them common in Car Wrapping, in which vinyl is applied to the vehicle and windows. 

Magnetic Squeegees

Magnetic squeegees have the added advantage of holding your graphic in place and keeps your knife handy as well. You can stick it on the vehicle you are working on or use it to hold your vinyl on site. 

Magnetic Squeegees are great for holding your substrate in place

It has two different shapes of the plastic corner that can work for most o the edges and complex curves.

Different Vinyl & Recommended Squeegees:

They are two popular vinyl printing techniques and each has a set of recommended squeegees:

  1. Cut Vinyl (Digital Print Media) – For its application, plastic and mixed squeegees, as well as anti-bubble tools, must be used.
  2. Printable Vinyl (Self Adhesive White Base Vinyl) – Depending on the thickness of the vinyl, it is advisable to use plastic squeegees or felt edge squeegees to remove unevenness.
Using a Plastic Squeegee with Felt when Car Wrapping

They are plenty more squeegees to chose from. Choosing the right squeegee and using the right techniques makes all the difference. So be sure to understand which squeegee works best for your application. 

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