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The Art of Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic fabrication is any process that is used to design, alter, manufacture, or assemble products made from acrylic or composites containing plastic. Eco Signage Supplies offers Acrylic Fabrication as a service, but we are also in the business of equipping our clients with the tools they need to express their creativity. 

Acrylic fabrication as a process involves certain operations like compounding, acrylic extrusion, welding, lamination, acrylic foaming, vacuum foaming, etc. to offer the desired shape, size and structure to acrylic materials.


In this guide, we will look at Acrylic Fabrication using Line Bending tools and inspire you to with fresh ideas for your next project.

Understanding the Acrylic Fabrication Process

Acrylic is a lightweight and shock-proof thermoplastic homopolymer that has the added benefit of better durability in comparison to glass. Because of its inherent thermoplastic properties, acrylic becomes flexibly supple when heated which allows it to take any shape of any contour once it cools.

The Acrylic sheets are cut according to required needs using either Laser, Saws, and Routers, each gives a unique edge finish. Once cut, the Acrylic can be placed on the Line Bending machine where you mold it into your desired shape and design.

To add more flair to your fabrication, decorations and colors can be added to the acrylic materials using decorative Vinyl Films (Eco-PrintAvery DennisonPoli-Cut, etc.), Screen-Printing, and even low-cost spray painting*. 

Modular designs that require more than one acrylic piece will usually be held together by Adhesives, Nuts & Bolts, and Screws e.g on trophies, boxes, and displays. Keep in mind that Acrylics are clear, so it’s important to make sure that your joins are neat to keep the design clean. 

Eco Signage Supplies provides you with different ready-made Acrylic Accessories that include Hasps (to secure/lock a box or enclosure), Acrylic Knobs (that come in different shapes and finishes), Acrylic Hinges (for mechanisms that require opening and closing your acrylic object), e.t.c. Check our Acrylic Accessories here.

Acrylic Accessories

Applications of Fabricated Acrylics

Some of the items you can make using an Auto Acrylic Line Bender include:

  • Menu, Price & Brochure Holders
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Business Card Pockets
  • Machine Guards
  • Competition/Suggestion Box
  • Exhibition and display solutions
  • Wall Mount Holders

Other industrial applications include:

  • Clothing hangers
  • Display windows
  • Acrylic transparent barriers
  • Submarine windows
  • Public aquarium windows
  • Lenses
  • Rear projection screens

Having excellent optical clarity and resistance to impact, sunlight and extreme temperatures have made acrylic-made articles apt for several domestic, industrial, and commercial applications.

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